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2b1m Episode 10 – Zombie Spectacular

2b1m: Episode 10 – Zombie Spectacular 10/30/11

Welcome to the 2b1m: Zombie Spectacular.  Benji is surprisingly missing we feared he was turned into a zombie  however after further explanation it was just gas.  Barry is joined by Rachel and Cathleen, we discuss all things zombie.  We also find out that Barry heads to the Barre Manor if and when the end of the world arrives.


2b1m Episode 9

2b1m: Episode 9 10/21/11

Ben apologizes for the continued discussion of Barry’s wifes breast.  We also touch upon scented vaginas and  a warning to not confuse salad dressings and douche.  We brainstorm a solution for the NBA lockout…the Average Joe Basketball Association.

2b1m Episode 8

2b1m: Episode 8 10/14/11

Ben and Barry discus State Workers, Feces and fecal emergencies and we discuss the color of nipples

2b1m: Episode 7

2b1m: Episode 7 10/02/11

Ben and Barry discus German Beer and its purity rights, also an interesting picture on the wall peeks Ben’s curiosity. Oh and we receive our first live phone call!