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2b1m: Episode 13

2b1m: Episode 13 – 11/27/11

We discuss The Monarch: The British Family at work.  We also find out what classifies as a “Fancy” pizza joint and we determine the male algebraic formula for sexual intercourse (accounting for cuddling and foreplay).


2b1m: Episode 12

2b1m: Episode 12 – 11/13/11

We discuss a myriad of topics including criminal profiling; to hit a moose or not hit a moose; favorite cartoon characters

and Ephraim the Retarded Cat!

2b1m: Episode 11

2b1m: Episode 11 – 11/06/11

We discuss hypothetical automotive add-ons.  Barry rates our local grocery stores and Benji talks anal and anal beads…oh my!  Oh yeah and why does the Co-Op smell like saphron douche?