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2b1m: Episode 18

2b1m: Episode 18 – 1/15/12

In this episode both the boys come across skunked beer.  We also talk television and gaming technology.  Barry becomes a farmer and does this involve sex with sheep?  Is Benji a depressed masturbator?


2b1m: Episode 17

2b1m: Episode 17 – 1/15/12

In this episode we give our thoughts on car racing and other dumb white person sports.  A conversation on dog shows births the next television sensation…Iron Dog.  Plus we discuss lazy ways to get from A to Z.

2b1m: Episode 16

2b1m: Episode 16 – 1/1/12

In this episode Benji comes in fresh off  a New Year’s Eve bender, Barry investigates his wife’s anus and then posed the question: to donate sperm or not donate sperm to a gay couple.