2b1m: Episode 29

2b1m: Episode 29 – 2/19/13

2b1m makes it’s triumphant return to the interwaves!  In this episode we talk online dating, Facebook protocol and many other fun topics!


2b1m: Episode 26

2b1m: Episode 26 – 5/10/12

In this episode we hear more from Inappropriate Elmo and his very inappropriate friends.  Barry opens up about a very personal moment in his life and Benji develops a stammer?!?

2b1m: Episode 25

2b1m: Episode 25 – 4/25/12

In this episode we debut Inappropriate Elmo. Barry opines about current superhero movies and Benji loses all respect for him. We also make plans for the First Annual 2B1M Bikini Party!

2b1m: Episode 24

2b1m: Episode 24 – 4/11/12

In this episode we find a list of 50 names for a women’s privacy.  We also coin a few names of our own and divulge the proper names for our “tinky winky’s”.  Also what do you find offensive on Facebook?

2b1m: Episode 23

2b1m: Episode 23 – 4/04/12

In this episode Benji tells his tale of chaperoning a slumber party, we also discuss parental protocol during a sleep over.  Barry also dispels some coffee myths and Benji amuses us with his “working” knowledge of sex prophylactics.

2b1m: Episode 22

2b1m: Episode 22 – 3/10/12

In this episode we are visited by the Cadbury Bunny. We discuss our plans for Easter including honey bathed ham. Speaking of honey baths has anyone ever taken a honey bath and does it come off of your genital hair? Just in case that wasn’t enough we talk about a vasectomy procedure in Barry’s future.

2b1m: Episode 21

2b1m: Episode 21 – 3/03/12

In this episode Benji opens up about a run in with Super Grover.  Barrys obsession with mattress types continue.  We talk about Muppet’s on the podcast for a second time.  The boys also discuss choice of entertainment in the lavatory.