2b1m: Episode 20

2b1m: Episode 20 – 2/19/12

In this episode we discuss the joys of circumcision.  The guy’s discuss Valentine’s Day which includes a war story from Benji.  Plus we actually have a discussion about beer!


2b1m: Episode 19

2b1m: Episode 19 – 2/12/12

In this episode Barry brings up his frozen cat turd door mat.   We talk Valentines plans and the differences between married and single men.  How do you remedy smelly bathroom odors and the boys pay an impromptu tribute to Whitney Houston.

2b1m: Episode 18

2b1m: Episode 18 – 1/15/12

In this episode both the boys come across skunked beer.  We also talk television and gaming technology.  Barry becomes a farmer and does this involve sex with sheep?  Is Benji a depressed masturbator?

2b1m: Episode 17

2b1m: Episode 17 – 1/15/12

In this episode we give our thoughts on car racing and other dumb white person sports.  A conversation on dog shows births the next television sensation…Iron Dog.  Plus we discuss lazy ways to get from A to Z.

2b1m: Episode 16

2b1m: Episode 16 – 1/1/12

In this episode Benji comes in fresh off  a New Year’s Eve bender, Barry investigates his wife’s anus and then posed the question: to donate sperm or not donate sperm to a gay couple.

2b1m: Episode 15

2b1m: Episode 15 – 12/12/11

We discuss safe sex with beast’s and talk about what makes a vagina a vagina.  Also we get serious and talk about the


2b1m: Episode 14

2b1m: Episode 14 – 12/07/11

In this episode Barry tells of getting lost in New York City we also discuss tagging and what makes a Pharmacist?  Oh and we talk about chewing gum, Super Mario Brothers and Pearl Harbor!